The BLS board is working hard to look after the interests of all members and their llamas. To do this it is vital that the llama register is accurate.  In other species identification measures are enforced.  For example all cattle must be registered with the national cattle movement services before they are two weeks old, must carry a passport, must have pre movement bTB test and must report all movements on or off the farm to the central registry; all equines must carry a passport and be microchipped; there are movement restrictions on pigs; and even sheep will have to be compulsorily microchipped from next year.
The BLS argue that we hold the national registry, can contact all owners and breeders quickly in the event of an emergency and that outside intervention is not necessary.  If members are failing to register all births and sales, especially to non members, that argument begins to break down.  If we cannot hold that argument, we cannot hope to represent the industry and protect our members from restrictive legislation.
Please register your cria NOW.
To record a Llama born after April 2009 and new cria, they must be microchipped. If your Llama was born before that date, you should still register but it is not necessary for the animal to be microchipped unless you wish to transfer him/her to a new owner.

It is recommended to microchip cria’s at six months old plus. To register your cria prior to the age of six months, just allocate a microchip to that animal and record it on your registration form. Don’t forget to get the cria microchipped once it is six months old.

Chips from BLS cost £4.15 each which is an extremely good price. To obtain your microchips please send a padded self addressed stamped envelope, with a cheque made out to British Llama Society to Liz Butler, Nutfield Park Farm, South Nutfield, REDHILL, Surrey, RH1 5PA. Chips will be sent out within 48 hours.


Vice Chairman BLS & Health & Welfare Representative

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