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bTB and Compensation Update

From 1st October 2014 new legislation has come into effect in England that covers bTB testing in all South American camelids.
  If TB is suspected in your herd then DEFRA will impose immediate restriction and then, if TB is confirmed, have the right to enter a holding, use a priming skin test followed by two blood tests (10 days or so later) on all your camelids and then slaughter those camelids shown to be positive to TB by any one of the 3 tests. There will be a statutory compensation payment (£750) for those slaughtered animals. If bTB is found in your herd you no longer have the right to refuse entry to your property or refuse skin and blood testing of your animals.
  At this point in time the only two blood tests which will be used by DEFRA/AHVLA in the event of a confirmed TB breakdown are the Stat Pak and IDEXX tests. The Stat Pak is soon to be replaced by the new DPP test which works in a very similar way to Stat Pak.
As you know BLS has been working with BAS to promote a voluntary surveillance testing regime where camelid owners can pay to have their animals tested using a combination of the Stat-Pak and Idexx tests (both to be positive for an animal to be deemed infected) or a single Enferplex test. In both cases priming about 10 days before by a skin test is desirable since this makes the blood tests more sensitive. Such a test protocol can also be used as a pre-movement or pre-export test. The chance of a false positive with these combinations of tests is almost zero. These tests are available now should members want to use them. Your vet should be approached to take the blood samples and organise the tests.
Note that the DEFRA test regime to be used in a herd suspected of having TB is more stringent with any test being positive being grounds for slaughter. This is so that as many animals that might have TB can be identified and removed as quickly as possible to minimise spread to others in the herd. The chance of a false positive is greater under these conditions.
BAS and BLS are working together to encourage DEFRA to offer the Enferplex test as a choice for the mandatory test if a herd is confirmed with TB. As yet DEFRA are resisting this despite the offer of funding to set the VLA up with the required test equipment. A letter is about to be sent to the minister, George Eustace MP, asking for an explanation of DEFRA’s decision to exclude the Enferplex test and for that decision to be changed.
We will keep you informed as discussions progress. Note that Wales has its own regulations and that the Scottish Parliament has just announced a consultation on a plan to introduce very similar arrangements in Scotland to those just introduced in England.

The new English legislation can be viewed here
The Scottish Parliament is proposing similar legislation. Details of the Scottish consultation are here
Welsh legislation, already in place, can be found here
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