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Health & Welfare Bulletin No.29 : Important Issues

Have you vaccination your herd this year ?
To date Bluetongue has not been reported in the UK and we wish to be part of the livestock industry to keep it that way. Please be responsible.

Are you animals up to date with their regular vaccinations ?

A number of you re-locate your animals to their summer grazing at this time of year. Check for worms before you move them. Either worm them or send samples to your vet for analysis. There is no point is taking worms to new pastures when it is so easy to prevent.

Due to the weather conditions we have already had a number of instances of flystrike. One has even resulted in death !
Check your animals regularly. Look under the tail first as flies need warm, damp conditions to lay their eggs but look all over the animal.

This is more common from September to November but due to the amount of rain we have had recently, some land is still boggy and wet. Your animal will lose weight and generally be subdued. It may have diarrhea but also may just be less active and stop eating. If suspicious, send a dung sample to your vet for checking. Be sure to ask for a liver fluke test.

If you in an unfortunate position and find yourself with a dead animal, it is recommended that you send it away for a post mortem. This can be arranged by your vet. Under NO CIRCUMSTANSES BURY THE CARCAS – THIS IS ILLEGAL. It must be disposed of in a safe and proper manner. Your local Animal Health can give you name of your nearest abattoir.

Vice Chairman BLS & Health & Welfare Representative