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Health & Welfare Bulletin No.20 : Bluetongue

Order NOW for 2009

Defra are asking all owners of Camelids and all susceptible species to order their Bluetongue vaccine requirements for 2009 NOW in order to ensure sufficient vaccine is available for 2009.  
Please let your own vet know how many doses you will require in 2009 so the vet can place an order for sufficient doses.
All animals vaccinated this year will need a Booster and all cria born in 2009 will need 2 vaccinations. The advice is to give the one Booster vaccination before the warm weather which means by the end of April, irrespective of when you gave the initial two jabs in 2008.
Scientists warn that the risk for 2009 will be considerable because of the spread of Bluetongue 8 in France with over 20,000 cases this year, as well as the risk posed by unvaccinated animals here.  The French experience was that once an outbreak occurs it may be too late to vaccinate.   Vaccinating animals with no symptoms but which have in fact already been infected, produces very sick animals indeed.

Vaccination is the only defence against Bluetongue 8.

Be very careful importing from Europe,  many llamas appear not to have been vaccinated. Exporting from Holland and NW Germany is forbidden because of the outbreak of Bluetongue 6. 
All imports irrespective of where they come from are tested for 4 sera-types 1,6,8,25.   All of these strains have now been detected in Europe.   
There are no UK licensed vaccines for sera-types other than BTV8.

 Beware of non vaccinates  
 Protect your Llamas  
 Don't Hesitate--vaccinate

If you have queries, concerns or feedback on any of these issues, please contact Liz Butler:, or 01737 823375.