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Enferplex Test for Bovine TB

Update from the Chairman

The Enferplex Test for Bovine TB in camelids is launched by Surefarm
I attended the launch event for the new Enferplex test at Inca Alpacas near Dorset on 17th July. The test is now available for members to use via their veterinary practice. The test has been developed over the last several years by MV Diagnostics and Surefarm has worked in consultation with MV Diagnostics to offer the service.
The test looks for antigens to bTB in a blood sample drawn from the camelid. The test was one of a number of blood tests studied in research done by AHVLA sponsored by the camelid societies. It is fully endorsed by DEFRA.
The test is entirely voluntary and can be used for annual surveillance of a camelid herd, for pre-movement and for pre-export testing. The test has been shown to have a reasonable sensitivity and, very importantly, a very high specificity which means that the chance of a false positive is very very small. For full details of how the test works and how you can get your vet to perform the test are on the Surefarm website.

I asked about the cost of the test and this was quoted as £12 plus VAT and carriage. The testing must be organised through your vet who will extract the necessary blood samples from your animals which of course will also have to be paid for. At the launch the Inca Alpaca vet drew blood from 2 alpacas and made it look very easy!
BAS, BCL and BLS continue to work together with DEFRA/AHVLA to work up the protocols for the test process to be followed if a herd suffers a TB breakdown when DEFRA will mandate serological (blood antibody) testing in the future. Under these circumstances a more complex dual testing regime is proposed. The entirety of the new protocols are slated to be introduced from 1st October.
I will continue to keep you abreast of the situation as things develop but in the meantime a test is now available for you to use which is far superior to the skin test.
If any of you want any more information please look at the Surefarm website and do feel free to contact me a any time.
Tim Crowfoot

Chairman, The British Llama Society
Downholme, Northend Lane, Droxford,
Southampton, SO32 3QN
t: 01489 877631