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Health & Welfare Bulletin No.31 : General guidance

Are you animals up to date with their regular vaccinations ?

A number of you re-locate your animals to their summer grazing at this time of year. Check for worms before you move them. Either worm them or send samples to your vet for analysis. There is no point in taking worms to new pastures when it is so easy to prevent.

Due to the weather conditions we have already had a number of instances of flystrike. Check your animals regularly. Look under the tail first as flies need warm, damp conditions to lay their eggs but look all over the animal.

Although llamas do not necessarily need to be shorn, I have seen a number of animals recently that have long, very matted coats. It is not good for them to be like this. The wind blows and picks up the matt’s and the rain gets to the skin and that is when they get cold. Also it is difficult to see if your llama is loosing weight or if it gets fly strike, Think about having your animals shorn. There are a number of camelid shearers who are happy to shear llamas.

Winter hay is going to be short again this year especially in the south and south east. Now is the time to contact your local farmer and put your order in. If you have space to store hay, ask if you can pick it up from the field as it may cost less. Last winter hay was being sold for as much as £10 per small bale, let’s hope we don’t have those prices this year !!

I still have a small supply of microchips at a cost of £4.15 each. Please send a cheque made out to British Llama Society together with a self addressed stamped jiffy bag if you wish to purchase any, to me at Nutfield Park Farm, South Nutfield, REDHILL, Surrey RH1 5PA.

Vice Chairman BLS & Health & Welfare Representative