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Movement Records

Bio-Security and Movement Records
All llama owners should really keep accurate records of when animals have arrived, left, been born or died on their small holding/farm. For all other livestock species, this is a legal requirement, but it is good practice for everyone.     The BLS provides a free movement record book for all members which you should have received when registering your first llama(s). If you do not have one please do let the registrar know and one will be put in the post. Alternatively movement records can be held in an ‘on farm’ computer system. Please check the DEFRA website for this.   It is important to keep movement records so that you can show potential customers a continuous record of all the animal movements onto and off your holding. Additionally and most importantly, in the event of a disease break down at your own place, you can quickly trace anyone who needs to be told. If there is a problem on another smallholding/farm, you can easily find out if and when your herd had any physical contact, and if precautions or testing are necessary. And for your own interested, it is very interesting to keep a full record of the development of your own herd.

please do make sure you take the time to let the registrar know about any births, deaths and sales in order to keep your herd records up to date.

Registrar email: