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General Seasonal Guidance

Although I am no longer the BLS Health & Welfare Welfare Officer, I don’t wish to sever all ties so I thought I would remind those of you who need reminding, of things to take note of at this time of year.
1. Due to the mild wet weather we have all be experiencing, please keep an eye out for liver fluke. Keep a good eye on your animals and look out for abnormal behavior such as progressive loss of body condition, anemia, pale membranes and in severe cases swelling below the jaw. Liver fluke is easily treated so keep your eyes open for signs. If you are worried, please talk to your vet. A simple fecal worm count for Liver Fluke can be done by your vet. if you are at all concerned.

2.    Keep a keen eye on your animals’ feet.  With the wet weather we have had this winter, with more forecasted to come, camelids can suffer with foot problems. If you think there may be a problem, don’t wait to see if it clears up on its own. Get professional advice from your vet as foot problems in camelids can take a long time to get over if left for any length of time.

3. As some of you may have read in the press, Schmallenberg virus has hit the UK again with a vengeance. To date it has been found in lambs in the North East of England, North Yorkshire, Wales, the South East and South West. The mild weather towards the end of last year were perfect for the midge-borne virus to breed and, therefore, prolong the period of infection. All livestock owners are being urged to submit new born stock with suspected Schmallenberg Virus for post mortem. This is so Government records can be kept up to date. At present, there is no vaccine available for Schmallenberg Virus
( It is only spread by the midge and not animal to animal. If one of your animals experience an unexplained miscarriage or gives birth to a deformed cria, please contact your vet. The more information available will help us all.

4.    Don’t forget, never use left over hard feed from the winter. The food can produce toxins if kept for any length of time that can harm your animals. 

5.    Please think about ways you can raise money for the BLS Welfare fund. All monies raised is ring fenced especially for welfare of our beautiful animals.
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