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Bluetonque update

Bluetongue serotype 8 (BTV-8) disease risk assessment and associated press release published on 12 February:
    France has continued to report Bluetongue disease serotype 8 (BTV-8) over the winter months; there are now 173 affected holdings in Central and Southern France, mainly cattle.
    Using a combination of modelling and expert opinion we have estimated the risk to the UK over the coming months.
    There is considerable uncertainty at present and the risk will change as the season progresses, so this assessment will be updated accordingly.
    The area most at risk from midge-borne incursion will be the South and Southeast of England.
    Incursion and spread will depend on the weather (wind direction and temperature) and the immune status of the livestock exposed.
    Vaccination is the best control option and will have the dual benefit of reducing both viraemia (preventing onward transmission) and clinical signs in the individual animal.
The risk assessment is available at:
We have also issued a press release which is available at: